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TammI Laffoon 03/24/09

Laurie, I love your work. I believe I'm drawn to the Mexican influences in your work and the brillant colors you use. Your book, Mixed Media Mosaics, is my favorite art book. I hope to create a piece one day that inspires me as much as your pieces inspire me. I'm attending Artfest 2009 and taking two of your classes! I hope you have some of your art there so we can all admire your work. I can't wait.

Oyuna 03/24/09

Hello laurie Mika

Jen Smith 03/20/09

Your book "Mixed Media Mosaics" is one of my favorites!

Karen Moseley 03/16/09

Lovely to see; would love on eof your classes if i could find one in our area fo Rockport, Texas.

Lorna Sommer 03/05/09

Hi Laurie - I love your work! I'm taking your portable shrine class at Artfest this year and cannot wait! Lorna here in No. Idaho where it's snowing....AGAIN

Kaaren Poole 01/30/09

Hi, Laurie, I bought your book at Aaron Brothers in December and found it truly inspirational. Since then I have created three mosaics and gave one to my daughter and son-in-law. I particularly like image transfer, but my method is a little different from yours. I use images printed on a laser printer, place them face down on uncured clay, burnish the back with the back of a spoon, spray water on the surface, and carefully rub the paper off. After it dries, I cure it. This is from Donna Kato's website. You may be interested in an artist I just stumbled across, Koo Shadler. She paints in egg tempera and her works are highly influenced by late medieval art. I wish you had a workshop in my area (Sacramento).

Tam Hulburt 01/09/09

I love your work immensely. I am hopeful that you will soon schedule a class at the Mosaic Institute. I found your Mixed Media Mosaic Icons class very appealing. I fervently desire to make my own tiles. I love using words. I work in ceramic mosaic as well as glass mosaic and sometimes combine both.

Diane Doyle 01/04/09

Just wanted to say how amazing your work is. Last year I had to come up with an idea for a class art project for 6th graders. The kids each made several tiles. I let them go wild with beads, rusted keys, pearl ex, etc. The results were amazing. We took some of the tiles and made a mirror. It was beautiful. Thanks so much for making your ideas so easy to understand. I look forward to more books.

lauren olson medve 01/01/09

Wow, Laurie I am so impressed by your work. You really have come to realize your dreams. I'd love to hear from you. I'm now in Newport-Mesa. Enjoying it, but have worked forever! I have two kids in college now. Still married and enjoying life. How about you?

Emerald Earth 12/31/08

Hi, I have been browsing Ur ArTworK & couldn't leave without saying how BeauTiFuL it is!...

BesT WisheS for 2009 & may it b a CreaTiVe year 4 U...

Greg Sawyer 12/25/08

Hi Laurie-Happy Holidays. I just received your book as a Christmas gift yesterday. I absolutely love it. A few months ago a fellow artist friend gave me a link she found to one of your pieces. I was enthralled by your work. As a mosaic artist and polymer clay artist I was so inspired.
A few days ago my partner and I were in the bookstore and I showed him your book. He saw how much I loved it, now I have it. Thank you for sharing your art with the world. Many Blessings-Greg Sawyer

jodi french 12/21/08

I just found you. I'm a big fan! I would love to take one of your classes!

Beth Linge 12/11/08

Great bumping into you today, Laurie. I still love my tables, the painting on my wall and on your web site!!

Kathy Morton Stanion 12/10/08

Hello Laurie!

I am so inspired by your work! Love LOVE LOVE iT!

All the best!

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Sue Salzano 11/15/08

Love, love, love your art!!

Janis Nunez 11/09/08

Hello Laurie!, I found your book about a month ago and I'm now hooked on your work. I'm self taught artist and like experimenting new ways of art. I'm originally from Mexico and love the color and themes of your mexican pieces. Do you ever think about coming to Orlando to teach? It would be great to get to know you and learn more with you!! Thank you for taking me into a new way of art, creativity and inspiration!!.

Lorain 10/14/08

Hi! I've just bought your book and it is such an inspiration. I already have most of the materials available and can't wait to get started on my own tile creations. Just wondered if you had any plans to hold workshops or events here in the UK?
All the best.

Debbie Reis 10/13/08

Love your book and art.

Sharon Meng 10/13/08

Beautiful work! I love your use of color. My sister, a print maker, gave me your name. She is Lauren Miko ( and her style reminds me of your work. Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego at the Bead Society meeting.
Sharon Meng

Holly Lowe-Adamy 10/13/08

Love your work! Can't wait to try this mixed media art! Thanks so much!