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Josette Levasseur 09/02/08

Hello Laurie: I came home from a Michael's store with your Mixed Media Mosaics book clutched tight. I was inspired the minute I opened it. I have always been fascinated with the medieval and renaissance eras so the mosaicons intrigued me. I have never worked with clay in my life but am busy getting together all the supplies the book listed. I can't wait to get started. Thank you for sharing your technique with everyone. I live in Sacramento, CA. If you ever have a workshop up this way, I'd love to know about it. Josette :)

Lisa Morlan 08/28/08

Love your work. Do you do any workshops in Soutern California?

Lisa Morlan

Diane Dunaway 08/25/08

Your work is adorable! Do you sell primarily though this site or do you have gallery representation?

Gary Gelb 08/12/08

please put me on mailing list, especially for workshops.

chryl kaisler 07/26/08

Hi Laurie,
I just bought your book and I love it. Then I discovered your website and fell in love with your work. Your art is a feast for the eyes. I can look at a piece for hours and still discover something new in it. I hope that you will continue to publish your work in books for those of us who are not lucky enough to own a piece of your art. Thank you

Lesley Donovan 07/25/08

what gallery is showing your work in Laguna? I live in Laguna and would love to see your mosaics "live". Do you have anything in the Art Den in Santa Ana, or was that a singular show?
Thanks! Lesley Donovan

jill van meter 07/25/08

I live in Encinitas and would like to stay on your e-mail list, so that I will know when you are doing local workshops. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I am needing more creative and play time and look forward to taking class with you.
Jill Van Meter

Catherine Ruane 07/21/08

Please keep me posted regarding any classes you will teach on the west coast. I love your work. I too graduated with an MA from SDSU in the 70's.
Wishing you well, Catherine Ruane

Robin Atkins 07/10/08

Hi Laurie... I came to your website via Project Eight's blog, which totally delighted me a couple of days ago. Today I was looking at it again and was particularly attracted by YOUR work, especially Animal Dreams and Ancestors. I left a comment on the latter and mentioned the work of Julie Paschkis (, wondering if you were familiar with her work? She has a show right now at Grover/Thurston in Seattle. Maybe it's the colors and some of your imagery that give me a sense of connection between your work and hers. Anyway, I love yours! What a visual feast it's been to enlarge each of the images in your Gallery! Thank you. Robin A.

Carmen Hickson 07/07/08

I found your site by chance and just love your work. Thank you so much for the Links page. It was extremely inspiring. It's really great to see this kind of work getting the recognition it deserves.
Keep up the great work.

Linda L Miller 06/23/08

I am a major fan and hope to attend a workshop in the near future. Is the Cortona one full?

jane powell 05/20/08

Hi Lauri
I have been selling your book in my shop since it came out and i finally sat down to look at one of them and go to your site. Your work is amazing... all those pieces and such great contrast & interest. Cheryl Prater has told me about you as well but as days go by things get filed somewhere in the back. Today I took the time to look at your website and I loved the icons. Really great work. It inspires to get back into getting some clay classes on the schedule.Jane Powell Random Arts, Saluda, NC

Ellen Wohlstadter 04/22/08

Do you have any workshops scheduled in the Los Angeles area? Do you have an email list for your upcoming workshops.

Thank you.

Ellen Wohlstadter

Dawn 04/14/08

Hi just wanted to say how much I am enjoyed making mixed media mosaics. I always thought this kind of clay was for kids until I read your book, I am so hooked. I made a lot for gifts and have just now completed one that I think I will keep. I just got my copy of your book back, had lent it out, you should see how tattered it is!!! We are all having great fun.

roberta lewis 04/13/08

LOVE it ALL...just wrote u a" classes in san diego

Susanne Baca 04/02/08

Your work is fabulous! Thank you for putting together yopur great book. I can actually relate to your art style. I have just as much fund find things to build my mosaic piece as I do putting it together. You are right, I have so much stuff I am a "Junkie"

Pat Razdik 03/23/08

I have purchased your book just in time ! I have been creating tiles to tile the top of a laundry center for myself. But I have been waffling over how to go about it. In your book you use mastic and paint it but still glue. I guess I thought the tiles would stick to the mastic , can you please explain ? Thank You So Much for your wonderful book ! Pat Razdik

Gloria Lewis 03/21/08

Thank you so much for your book! I have gone from being scared of polymer clay to wanting to do polymer clay my every waking moment. There is something about your book that has caused me to have a breakthrough.

A million thanks!

Lisa McDonald 03/10/08

I frequent your website because it is so enjoyable and breathtakingly beautiful. I am mesmerized by your creative abilities. I hope one day to have your art in my home.

Christie 02/25/08

Would love to hear about future workshops in the San Diego area.