During the Pandemic    April 21 2020
A month has passed since my last post and with it the continued "shelter in place" order. It has been an awful month with coronavirus deaths escalating around the world. One upside to this very unsettling time, is the "free" time in my studio. The stay at home order has forced the cancellation of all my teaching engagements for the year and I must say it is nice to create just for the sake of creating. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into the teaching side of my business like creating new class content, class samples, resource and technique guides just to name a few. So during this "pause" I have had the unique opportunity to work on a body of work influenced by the pandemic (featured on Polymer Clay Daily today). It has been very cathartic and helps keep my mind focused on things other than the grim news that permeates the airways. I hope you are all staying well, staying home....and creating!

Coronavirus.....    March 14 2020
I wanted to write this update to let folks know that a few of my upcoming workshops have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Right now I should be teaching at Art and Soul in Portland but that was cancelled a few days ago. Today I made the touch decision to cancel my home workshop I had planned for the end of March. It's time for all of us to do our part in regards to social distancing. Art and Soul is being rescheduled for August in Portland and I will be rescheduling my home workshop when things settle down. I did want to mention that I have a new online class called Polymer Triptychs: Crafted By Hand available through a new mixed media portal:www.createartsonline.com A great way to stay creative (which is good for our mental health in these uncertain times) in your own space at your own pace!! I also wanted to mention that I have also designed four new sets of stencils for Stencil Girl Products that will be available in May. Will keep you posted on this. Lastly, I wish everyone good health....stay vigilante and wash those hands!

Happy New Decade    January 08 2020
Here we are at the start of the new year and a new decade. Love this time of year for starting fresh and because it is a slower time of year, which means more time in my studio! One of my New Year's resolutions is to teach less and create more. While I love teaching and traveling to do so, it also became apparent that I wasn't getting as much time in the studio as my heart and soul desired. Frankly, I get pretty cranky when too many weeks goes by without getting my hands into clay. That being said, I will be teaching at Art and Soul in Portland in March, two of my classes are sold out but there is still room in my Hamsa House Shrine class. Lastly, I will also try to post more regularly on here in the new year!!

Summertime Studio News    August 15 2019
Art Unraveled was a wonderful success, great classes, great students and a great vendor show! Thanks so much for all who came and supported me out in the desert! I have been busy in my studio since returning home...replenishing jewelry and other small pieces that were sold. As the summer winds down, I will focus my attention on my upcoming fall home workshop called Hand Of Mysteries and then our annual trip to beautiful San Miguel de Allende for Day of the Dead.

WHAT Women Create    June 20 2019
I am very excited to announce that my work is featured in the latest edition (July August September) of What Women Create, a fabulous new magazine filled with inspiring artwork, including twelve pages of my work! My friend and photographer, Lee Decker, did an outstanding job of shooting my studio, my artwork and me! It is available at Barnes and Noble,Michaels and online. I also recently delivered new work to POP Gallery in Santa Fe so if you are in the area (which is lovely to be in!) do stop by. I will be teaching at Art Unraveled in Phoenix the first week of August Classes are nearly filled, so if you are interested there is a link to it on my Workshop page. In other news, I was honored to win the International Polymer Clay Association Juror's Choice award for Nonfunctional Sculpture/Hanging Art for my large embedded heart.

Humming along    March 03 2019
It has been nice having some time in my studio leading up to the busy teaching schedule ahead. I have been working on some new art works and jewelry and have recently updated my Etsy shop with new items. There is a direct link from my homepage to my shop. I'm such a fan of Etsy and the opportunity it provides for artists to get their work into the marketplace and to be seen. It always makes my heart soar when I see a sale come through and I am forever grateful of the support I have received through the years.

A new year!    January 19 2019
I don't know how it happens that times speeds by so very quickly and that my last update was in September! Our annual retreat in Mexico was fabulous and the student's project, The Dreamer, turned out so cool. We had our first San Miguel meeting of the New Year. We have our guest artist and our 2019 project is "under construction" as we speak. It is always such fun to get together and brain storm ideas for our collaborative project. March begins a very busy teaching schedule. I will be teaching at Art and Soul in Portland, then at Katherine England's studio and finally my March boutique home workshop...and all of these are just in March! Please check out my workshop page for more details about these upcoming venues if you are interested. Hope you all had a lovely holiday and that 2019 is a fantastic year filled with happiness, health and lots of creativity!

Fall Update    September 21 2018
Now that summer is a distant memory, I have been busy planning and submitting classes for next year's teaching schedule. There are a few dates that are up in the air so I have yet to post information about these events. I will be having my next three day home workshop in early October. The class is called Home is Where the Heart Is and students will be embellishing three wonderful house-shaped structures using a plethora of techniques. Looking forward to this fun time together. The next home workshop will be in March. We are also closing in on our trip to San Miguel de Allende....this year is our 9th year there and we seem to never tire of this charming locale. We take 30 lucky people with us each year, many of whom have been with us previously....and that is a testimony to how great of an experience it is. If you would like to be on my Newsletter list and find out more information about teaching dates, etc, please email me at Laurie@mikaarts.com.

Busy studio time    July 17 2018
The middle of summer has actually provided some much needed time in the studio. I was able to create four new pieces for the upcoming show at the Hive gallery in LA that I dropped off this past weekend. I also created two pieces for a Tarot show here in San Diego. Didn't get into that show....but you win some and you lose some! On top of that I have been trying to get caught up on a few things to take to the vendor show at Art Unraveled in Phoenix the first week of August....so the studio has been a hive of activity! I still have room in the collaborative class at Art Unraveled called Heavy Metal Journaling that I am team teaching with Katherine England. The journals will be gorgeous so come join us in the desert in August! lol, I know that sounds hot, but we spend a glorious week of creating INDOORS where temps are perfect!

May/June update    May 23 2018
As summer approaches, my calendar continues to fill. I am heading off to the East Coast to teach in Maryland and Virginia. Fortunately I have had some time in my studio of late to catch up on some projects but also to create a new body of work for an upcoming show at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles later this summer. The title of the show, Sexy Beasts, led to a variety of mythic female creatures inspired by alchemy and Medieval illustrations. I always enjoy the challenge of having a "prompt" to inspire new ideas and ways to see. I have also had a friend create some ceramic clay substrates of hands and hearts and have enjoyed experimenting with covering ceramic clay with polymer clay. Polymer clay's versatility never ceases to amaze me. My next upcoming workshop after teaching on the East Coast will be Art Unraveled. Please check out my Workshop page for further information on my upcoming classes.