changes.....    February 06 2009
My son is currently in the process of redesigning my website. Fortunately, he can do this without my website being taken down. So one of these days you will see the whole new look. The new site really reflects myself and my work as it has evolved. I realized that I have had this site for about 8 years or so! How quickly time flies. The new site will also make it easier to access information about where I will be teaching and about upcoming events. In other news, I have been busy working on magazine articles, collaborative pieces, powerpoint presentations and even a few pieces of art! Check the previous news post for upcoming workshops and events.

Happy New Year!    January 05 2009
So here it is, another year....and with it, many reasons to be hopeful about the future, even in these uncertain times. As the new year unfolds, I see my calendar filling up with many new opportunities. I will list a few of the places where I will be teaching in the next few months but do check out future teaching venues by clicking on the button with Events and Workshops. First, I will be teaching at Stamping Details in Poway on January 10. Next I will be at IMA (institute of mosaic art)in Oakland for 2 two day workshops at the end of February. In March, SAMA will be holding their annual conference in San Diego and I will be teaching two workshops there and will also be giving a presentation before the membership....more on that later! The day SAMA ends, I will be leaving for Port Townsend to teach at Artfest. Please email me for additional information if you are interested. On the art front, I am involved in 3 collaborative projects which have kept me busy but have been wonderful opportunities to work in different mediums, including collage, which I love. Thats it for now....happy new year to you all.

Where did the year go!    December 06 2008
Hard to believe that 2008 is coming to a close and with it many wonderful memories of the fantastic and creative people that I have met this past year while teaching. Each year gets busier but I am loving every minute of this journey and looking forward to what 2009 holds. It is already shaping up to be action packed with quite a few teaching engagements spread out over the country. I am also looking forward to the SAMA conference (society of american mosaic artists) that will be held in San Diego this year. How cool is that! For more information on this wonderful event please contact me. For those who like to look way into the future, I will be teaching in Australia in 2010! In the meantime, I will sit back and enjoy what's left of 2008.

November News    November 06 2008
Back from my Fall travels. Raevn's Nest was an awesome retreat in a beautiful location AND it will be happening again next year! Wohoo! I also wanted to let you know about an upcoming workshop at Norma's Studio in Leucadia. It is, "The Relic Box" and it will be on Saturday, December 13th from 9:30-4:00. This will be a fun workshop with great gift ideas for the holidays. For more information, please email me. It will be limited to the first 15 people who sign up. Another reminder, the opening reception for our show, "Amigos De Allende" at the Inkspot in San Diego will be on November 15th from 2-5pm. The artwork will be a colorful feast for the eyes. Hope to see you there. Lastly, the only local show that I will be doing this season is Carmel Valley Artists which will be held on Saturday, December 6, at the Karl Strauss Brewery in Sorrento Valley. That's it for now!

Autumn is here....    October 10 2008
Just got back from an amazing time teaching in Reims, France. My students were so kind and generous. It was fun teaching in a bilingual setting. Amazing how the visual world of art transcends language....well, most of the time! I am now getting ready to take off for Wisconsin to teach at Raevn's Nest Art Retreat. This should be fun, but lots of work, teaching 3 classes and doing a vendor show in 2 days! I also wanted to mention that I will be part of a group show called Amigos de Allende at the Inkspot in San Diego. The opening reception will be on November 15, from 2-5pm. Please come and join us and enjoy some Mexican folk art inspired pieces from seven talented San Diego artists. Coming up in the future, Stamping Details in Poway has added another one of my workshops to the calendar. It will be on January 10th. In February, I will be teaching in Oakland at the Institute of Mosaic Art. Carmel Valley Artists will be on December 6th this year and it will be the only local show that I am doing this holiday season. Please contact me for additional information on any of these events. Happy Halloween!

And so it ends....    September 04 2008
Summer that left as quickly as it came. I am off to France to teach a workshop, so things will be a bit quiet around here for awhile. When I return, I will get busy working on a few new pieces for upcoming shows....and to get going on my cow. (see previous news!) Then in October, I am off to teach at Raevns Nest Art Retreat in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. The next thing on the agenda is a one day workshop at Stamping Details in Poway on November 1. Please contact me for any info on these workshops. For those of you who would like a wonderful new book, I would suggest Kelly Rae Roberts book, Taking Flight. It was just released and I was honored to be a part of it with a chapter called, Facing Your Fears. I also have an article in the new issue of Belle Armoire. The last bit of current news is that I now have my work in a gallery in Laguna Beach called, Marque....if you are in the area check it out. It is located at 332 Forest Ave. Thats it for now. Au Revoir!

August News    August 08 2008
The summer continues to fly by! A few reminders, first off, Trios Gallery is having a reception/fundraiser on Saturday, Aug. 9th. I will have a piece in the raffle. Trios has partnered with Sharon Gorevitz and the Talmadge Art Show which will be held for the first time in Encinitas on Aug. 16th. For more info about this wonderful show, email me. I will appear on KUSI television on the morning of the 16th for a brief on air interview! Tune in! Another reminder, the Artfest class roster will soon be posted and I will be teaching 3 classes there in April. I also wanted to mention that I was selected to create a full size cow for the "Cow Parade" that is coming to San Diego. So that ought to keep me busy for a few months! Then off to France for my workshop. Then on November 1, I will once again be teaching at Stamping Details in Poway. So looks like a very busy Fall is quickly approaching. Hope to see you at one of these events!

Not So Lazy Days of Summer....    July 12 2008
Back from an amazing time in Argentina, where I was able to meet up with a few of my artist buddies.I also spent an afternoon in the fabulous garment district,where there is shop after shop with jewelry findings and beads, etc. Great finds to use in some new pieces. A few announcements. I will be participating in the Talmadge Art Show in No. County. It will be on August 16th at the Encinitas Library. You may email me for more info. I also found out recently that I will be teaching 3 classes at Artfest in April! Again, if you would like more info on what I will be teaching, please contact me. In September, I will be heading off to France to teach a workshop there. I am getting excited about teaching a group of all French speaking students! Fortunately the language of art transcends all!! There are plenty of things on the horizon....stay tuned!

Lazy days of summer    May 18 2008
As summer nears, the pace of things has slowed, which gives me time to let my mind wander and the creativity flow. I love it when deadlines aren't looming. That's not to say there isn't lots to be done. There are always proposals to be written and emails to respond to. I just sold quite a few pieces of art to a gallery owner in Laguna who will be opening up a new gallery this summer. The rest of my work is at Trios Gallery in Solana Beach. This means I will really need to get hustling making some new artwork for the shows coming up in the fall! Speaking of fall, I will be going to France in September to teach a workshop for a group of French polymer clay artists. This should be fun! I just need to bone up on my French!

Mid-April!    April 15 2008
Wow,mid-April, how did that happen so fast? I just returned from a few glorious days teaching at Artfest in Port Townsend, WA. My students were fantastic, I am always amazed how much I learn while teaching. I also had the pleasure of taking a class with Anne Bagby. I learned how to carve stamps with a lino-cutter. It was super fun and I am hoping to have some time to experiment with making some large stamps to use in clay. The vendor show was incredible, as always. Many thanks to all of you who did your best to support our economy that evening! Lastly many thanks to Tracy and Teesha Moore ( for putting this incredible annual retreat together. I know that it takes countless hours and your efforts are very much appreciated! I am now in the process of getting some new work together for Artwalk which takes place in Little Italy the last weekend of April. I will be on Fir Street, down on the west end. Hope to see you there!