Summer is here!    June 17 2014
Just back from teaching in DC, well actually Virginia and Maryland. I had wonderful classes and the whole experience of being on the East Coast was a blast. So much history! I spent an entire day at the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery and took lots of pics which will become my own collage sheets. I have also really been getting into digitally manipulating images and am hooked. I am then transferring the images onto clay and loving the results. There just isn't enough time in the day! On another note, for those of you who are local, I have a solo exhibition of some of my smaller works called Outside the Box running at the Encinitas Library. They did a very nice job on the installation and it runs until July 15th. Next month finds me back on the East Coast again teaching at CREATE, New Jersey. I will be teaching three classes, you can check my workshop listings for more info.

May days    May 27 2014
Houston was wonderful (especially learning a new foolproof transfer technique from one of my students!) and the SAMA conference was chock full of great presentations. My classes went well and I really appreciate those who signed up for them. The Mosaic Arts International exhibition was at Williams Tower and the reception was wonderful and I was excited to learn that my large piece, The Virgin of Cuzco, sold! I love the annual exhibition because it really inspires people to do their best work because it is so tough to get pieces juried in. I have been having such fun in the studio creating a few new classes. That is something that also inspires me.....coming up with new classes which really gets my creativity going. I love how one idea sparks another and having the right stuff in my studio makes a lot of the inspiration come to fruition.I was just telling my husband how much I love my laser printer, my slab roller, my food processor and my computer....just to name a few of things that keeps my studio (and me) running smoothly. Next up I am off to to teach a few workshops on the East Coast!! See you soon!

Off and running....    April 20 2014
Now the season really begins.....heading off to teach in Houston! First stop, the Houston Polymer Clay Guild and that is quickly followed up by the SAMA conference where I will also be teaching a glass in clay course. The conference is always a great place to really get inspired by the beautiful mosaics in the exhibition and also by the incredible presentations and seminars. After that I have a little vacation on my annual girls trip to Santa Fe! Now that is always inspiring! We spend many an hour going through the galleries on Canyon Road and never tire of it. Then it is back to work at a frenetic pace for the rest of the year! Looking forward to my classes and to the many new friends I will make along the way. It will be a great season with a variety of new classes being taught. For more info on where I will be, please check out my Workshop page!

Marching along....    March 16 2014
Somehow March is here and nearly gone! I have started my very busy teaching schedule with trips to both Alburquerque and Detroit already this year. Yes, Detroit in February is cold! We hit temps of -8 degrees! But both workshops were great fun and the triptychs that were created in each of these classes were truly beautiful. I have pictures to prove this on my blog! I have also been very busy creating a line of jewelry that is now carried in four boutique/galleries including a great store in Big Bear called O Koo Ran and a gallery in Park City, Utah called Lanny Barnard Gallery. In San Diego, the beautiful store called Fairen Del in Del Mar is carrying some of my pieces as well as Bubble Boutique in the Gaslamp area of San Diego. April will find me headed to Houston, Texas to teach for the Houston Polymer Clay Guild and then a few days later I will be teaching at the annual SAMA, the Society of American Mosaic Artists, conference. By the way, I was so happy to hear that my mosaic, The Virgin of Cuzco, made it into the Mosaic Arts International exhibition in Houston. It is truly an honor.

Happy New Year    January 07 2014
So off we go into 2014 which promises to be a very busy year indeed with lots of teaching gigs scattered across the US! The first stop is Alburquerque in February! It will be nice to have a few weeks to work in my studio and get a few new pieces done. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and that this new year is truly a wonderful one. You may check my Workshop link for a schedule of upcoming workshops. They will be added to as the dates are confirmed. Hope to see you somewhere on the trail!

a long time....    November 01 2013
Wow, so our six week RV adventure finally came to a close....and what an adventure it was! We were snowed in in South Dakota after an early season blizzard trapped us in our RV without electricity for 3 days! We were also affected by the government shutdown! But along the way we saw many friends and family members and all in all, it was a fantastic time. I did manage to get a few "snow days" which allowed me some time to create and get a few new pieces done for upcoming Fall shows. I was also able to get a few class proposals done as well. Since returning home, I have been in my studio a lot trying to catch up. Just created a new iphone case today! Towards the end of the month I will be participating in the Talmadge Art Show, followed by Carmel Valley Artists. I will also be selling some of my jewelry on Dec. 14 at Inspirations Gallery at Liberty Station. I am also included in a group show, Winged Things. (right up my alley!)All of these events have been updated in my Events section. I have also been included in few new books....with a few more to be published in 2014. I have a piece featured in Cynthia Tinapple's "Polymer Clay Global Perspectives" and Marybeth Shaw's "Stencil Girls". In 2014, I will have work featured in both Tracy Verdugo's and Jill Berry's books. So exciting things on the horizon. Stay tuned! I just updated some of my upcoming 2014 workshops. There are quite a few additional workshops that are waiting to be firmed up. I will add those when I know for sure!

Hitting the road....    September 07 2013
Going on a road trip! Will be spending time in various locations but I will not have access to my desktop to update my things will be quiet around here for awhile BUT I have a suitcase full of supplies, a toaster oven and a whole lot of ideas swimming in my head for some new class ideas!! See you soon!

Summertime travels    August 10 2013
Returned from a whirlwind trip to Boston and Cape Cod which was quickly followed by Art Unraveled in Phoenix. In Boston I taught at Absolutely Everything which is an absolutely wonderful store with super nice people working there. My classes were wonderful as well. We had lots of fun exploring the area on the coast north of Boston with side trips to Salem, Rockport, Gloucester and Ipswich. What a beautiful part of the country. This was followed by a two day workshop in Falmouth, Cape Cod. It was my first time there and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.I also enjoyed seeing the Signatures exhibition at Highfield Hall and was lucky enough to have my work exhibited with 14 other artists. We did some more exploring of the area and on the day we left, we stopped at Plymouth Rock. Fun to see where so much history played out (though I must say the rock was much smaller than I thought!)My visit there has inspired a new, large piece of art that I am just starting to work on. I love starting on a new piece, always so inspiring. The next stop was Art Unraveled in Phoenix. It was hot but we had a super time including visiting three museums when I wasn't teaching and hanging out with my cousin whom I hadn't see in many years. So far the summer has been great! Hope yours has been fun too.

Happy Independence Day    July 07 2013
The 4th of July has come and gone but I am still mindful of why we celebrate our independence. We watched a wonderful fireworks show down by the bay (the same one that all blew up at once last year!)Next week I am off to Boston and Cape Cod to teach. I am also excited to see the mosaic exhibition at Highfield Hall called Signatures where I have two pieces hanging! Looking forward to this trip and exploring Cape Cod for the first time! I barely return from this trip in time to unpack and repack for Art Unraveled in Phoenix....where I have all sold out classes! Wohoo! I know it will be hot but then again I will never leave the air conditioned hotel, so I won't even notice!! The fall promises to be exciting with a trip to South Africa and Mozambique. I am setting up a workshop in Johannesburg and one in Cape come join me! More on this later. I have actually had time in my studio to create some new artwork....needed to get ready for the vendor show at Art Unraveled, so you can check out the new pieces I just posted in my gallery!

June Update    June 13 2013
The sort of lazy days of summer are here! I have a month and a half off and in my studio before leaving for teaching engagements in Boston and Cape Cod. I have really been having fun working on new ideas using transfers. I can see a change in my work right now, away from tiny mosaic pieces into larger assemblage type work. I think this is partly a function of using a food processor to condition my clay. Now I have tons of clay on hand to roll out larger slabs....and I am looking forward to getting my new slab roller in the mail! CREATE mixed media art retreat was a resounding success! I had wonderful groups in each of my classes and it was so nice just to drive an hour away and be where I needed to be to teach, ovens and all! Please check out my blog if you are so inclined, I have pictures of my classes, student work and the new work I have been creating. My Boston classes are full but there is still room in Cape Cod if you would like to join me! Please email me and I can give you the details!