Artburst Studios    February 06 2024
The Artburst Studios ( next online art show will open at 9:00am (PST) on February 22nd thru Feb. 24th. There will be over 240 wonderful pieces of art in a variety of mediums created by 20 very talented artists. Work sells very quickly in the first few hours. It is advisable to register for a free account before the show opens in case you find artwork you can't live without! I have created 12 new pieces for the show ranging in size from 8 inches to 24 inches high and everything in between! This new body of work reflects my continued interest in combining collage with polymer clay to create narrative works of art. Enjoy the show!!

A New Year-2024!!    January 08 2024
Happy New Year to all. May the new year bring you much happiness, good health and creativity. While I haven't been posting much of late that doesn't mean I haven't been creating artwork, quite the contrary as I have been working on 12 new artworks for the Artburst Studios upcoming online show and sale in February. You can find out more information at for show dates and times. I am still totally enthralled with combining collage and polymer clay and using AI to generate some fabulous imagery which I then alter to truly make these images my own. I am working on a larger scale as well and will continue pushing these new techniques. I love combining cutting-edge technology like AI to create ancient, medieval looking pieces. I have so many ideas for this new body of work which have taken me in a different direction altogether. I have retired from being on the road teaching, though I still offer workshops at my home. This allows me more time in my studio and time to be present in the lives of our growing tribe of grandchildren!

Summertime News    July 10 2023
I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last few months traveling. First was an amazing adventure to Antarctica. This was followed by a trip to Europe which was a "do-over" from the trip we had to cancel last year because of Covid. In Italy, in particular, I was truly inspired by many of the cathedrals, art and architecture and museums in Italy. I am already working on a few new pieces that reflect these travels. One piece is inspired by a visit to the island of Elba where Napoleon was exiled. I will soon be working on a piece about Josephine Bonaparte! Hope the vision in my head can be translated through collage and polymer clay. In the meantime, I recently created a series of new collage images that are now for sale in my Etsy shop. I have been enjoying using AI and digital collage programs to generate some wonderful imagery.

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